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every once and a while, I get too stressed out over something, and get sick. it's like the nepalese saying "the worry of this is making me sick". ok, not like, exactly the same thing. it really pains me that I had to miss a day of school just because I was sick. i got home last night from work at 10pm, went right to bed and didn't move until 11am. so now it's a beautiful day out, and I'm all achy. the lawn needs to be mown, but it's just adventure enough to walk up and down the stairs. time for some more ecchinaciae root tea.
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so, spring break kinda sucked. I had 2 days off to veg and do chores.

the bright side is there's a reminder in my palm pilot for next year to schedule time off during spring break.

I also spent some time re-hashing my .mac web pages. they are web.mac.com/fredmgreatorex. I was able to do some recordings of me playing guitar and intergrate them into a blog page. it's pretty cool.

I also ramped up my workout schedule for cardio and weights, and I'm resolved to monitoring my meals more closely. perhaps I'll be all buff by June. then all I need to do is win powerball so I can have my mansion and harem of abercrombie and fitch boys.

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Oy Finals are finally done.

I feel like my brain is just starting to turn back on. Yay for a short break.

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just a quick update...

Jeeze where does the time go? it just slips away some weekends with mardigras parties and work and homework. forget about a hike or snowboarding... the awsome thing is that I at least have a new Seven Nations album to keep me company. Hmm maybe they'll be touring soon!

well, since the web study portion of my archaeology and spanssh classes is down, I guess I'll be playing guitar for a bit, then going to bed.

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snowboarding and work. Oh, and I guess some homework too. that was the weekend.

and forgetting to send stuff to friends....

that's done now

thoughts for the weekend:

Cell phones are causing the downfall of western civilization.
Or maybe it'll be bird flu.
In either case, if you see a chicken on a cell phone, you should run.

the bar at timberline lodge has most excelnt hot wings.

crap. how'd my snowboard goggles break?

my cat is such a retard, but he loves me, so it's all good.

I realized what a tard my cat is after he chocked on water from his dish. he spent the next 5 minutes sneezing, I thought he'd done soemthing and was getting ready to call the vet. silly cat. that and the Sikh mailman fears the claws that come out through the mail slot. I think if the cat ever stops chasing dogs there may be hope for him. Stinky Cat has now expired from lonlyness and despair and is laying on the floor near my feet.

the cat yowls and bears his belly. I guess I better go to bed before he gets up set, it's just about time for kitty massage anyway (yes, the cat gives massage) god, I'm so trained.
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long day or two, and homework still isn't done... well, guitar practice anyway, so this will be a short one.

the quest for Elvis... Elvis is a 1966 VW Crew cab. 6volt system. my short term plans revolve around selling my 01 Ford Ranger and maybe my '70 Beetle convertible and getting down to just the crew cab and my vespa. I hem and haw about selling the beetle. it was my very first car ever, it's paid off, cheap to insure, and in the "middle" of restoration. it also has a kick ass powerplant that gets it up to 90 ( or 85 with the top down) VWM/ph (Volks Wagon Miles Per Hour, which are slightly like nautical miles more than statute miles). I'm thinking that Elvis will meet my "needs" for transportation, which I think I've assessed to:
1. a utility vehicle for hauling stuff (kayaks, bikes and snowboards as much as plants maybe remodling supplies)
2. a classic air-cooled VW.
3. a vehicle that can be converted to an electric power plant.

actually my pipe dream is to convert it to an electric/steam hybrid (with a small multifuel steam engine that can run a generator) Because I've always suspected that sucking goo out of the ground to meet energy needs was a dumb idea. now global warming, lying oil yahoos and even our own government (who seems to be cluing into the end of oil) are all validating that opion.

dang the soup smells good. It started life out last week as "soup of fasting" with ground turkey and lentils. then like all good soups there's been consecutivly more vegetables dumped into it, simmered then given new life. It is diminishing though, it started life in my 8quart stockpot, and it's down to my 3 1/2 quart soup pot. I haven't had any since I chopped up the nearly old onion and spinach/arugula/raddiccio salad and added a bit of water and the last dram of chiante that's been haunting the fridge for months.
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Valentines day. it's crap. 'nough said.

So, last night I went to my second Great Big Sea concert in just 3 days. I hung out with my brother and my buddy Leslie (who's transitioned from grad student to un-employed archaeologist) It was an awesome show...

There was a lot of similarty to the Seattle show on Saturday, except that it was general admission seating, and the Alladin is a little better maintained than the Moor (it also apparently occured to the management to turn on the heat), but the venue is a little less oppulent. Unfortuneately I never actually think about writing down set lists at every show, but I did notice that in the folk set, there were a couplle different songs (like no Billy Pedal) but I think there were a couple different songs.

In the second set, Alan brough out his Les Paul and rocked right into "Something Beautiful" as opposed to "Everything Shines" as he did in Seattle for the first song in that set. The intro to Mari-Mac in Portland was also really fookin' cool: the lights went out, and then the stage lights swirled around and the boys launched right into it, it was a completely different intro than I'd ever run into, it was kind of like a rock show.

There was also a lot more jibber-jabber (which I enjoyed) between songs, and Sean in particular seemed to be having a lot more fun this show than in Seattle.

Anyway, today's just been a usuall tuesday, with Cultural Resource management, and the commute back and forth. though after class I hung out for a bit with my Fraternity Brother Chunks, near the Marine Corps recruiting table between Smith student union and Cramer Hall. Normally I'm not very pro military, especially the Marines, but there were some left wing wackos chanting "sign a pettion to get military recruiters off PSU campus". There was also some professor acting like an ass and telling me and other students to "Keep up". I turned around and told him "Don't be an ass, this isn't your classroom, you haven't given us a sylabus, so don't act like we don't have a valid opinion just because we don't share yours". He and I had a very heated exchange, all the time he seemed to be getting more and more angry and asshole like, because he couldn't produce an rational argument as to why the military should be banned from campus, other than how the government shouldn't be in Iraq and Afganistan in the first place. He finally backed down when I asked why his opinion was so much more important than mine, and what he'd done that his opinion should have more weight than mine. and how he was being predjudiced and intolerant by not accepting that other people have the right to do what they want, or end up joining the military because they need money to pay for college, food and other things that student loans don't cover. I asked him if he'd be willing to take a pay cut to help lower the student's cost to college, but he just got mad and walked away.

I think I won.

anyway, back to homework....
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Ok, so it was an awesome weekend, I drove up to seattle to buy kilts, see Great Big Sea and hang out with annathepiper and solarbird. I still can't decided what was more fun seeing them and their housemate Paul again after a long time of not seeing them, or seeing Great Big Sea in concert. It was also awesome to see some other friends from the seattle area.

So today, was the usual monday thing: off to guitar class for 45 min of grueling guitar lessions (and my thumb still hurts) featuring finger picking. I so should have not skipped class friday, as my teacher Seth (who's a pretty amazing guitarist and kinda cute) handed out 6 pages of music to review (oh, just one song mind you, but six pages of tabs and chords). eeps.

Spanish class was kind of fun, I got back the first "escritura" of the term: 9 points out of 10, so I've picked up a spanish-english grammar book to see if that helps my writing. I'm not quite at the point where I can think in spanish to write essays, but I'm getting there.

I actually braved my way to Powell's (city of books) for my grammar book. Of course like any homosapiens worth taking too, I left with more books than I'd planned to buy: Harry Potter y la cámera secreta and "Walden" (from the sale table) jumped into my hands. My theory is that the more books that I know well in english, and re-read in spanish, the more my reading comprehension goes up. great, so if you need to talk about wizards, spells, swords, hobbits, or ring-wraiths in spanish, hit me up.

tonight, Great Big Sea again.

crap, I need a nap and to do my reading for my archaeology class tomorrow...
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